MB7ITG – Analogue Simplex Node

MB7ITG - Analogue Simplex Node

I am the NOV holder for a 2M analogue simplex gateway based in south Telford on 144.9625MHz. The gateway gives analogue FM users access to the Yaesu Wires-X Fusion Network.


Status: Operational
 144.9625Mhz CTCSS: 94.8Hz
Mode: FM Analogue
WIRES-X Node ID: 37188
Default Room: CQ-UK (27793)
Output Power: 1 Watt
Antenna: Folded Dipole
Keeper: 2E0YYB (Chris)
Secondary Contact: 2E1ICK (Mike)

Notes: The gateway is operated by DTMF when the node is not in an active state (i.e not transmitting). To select a room, first key your transceiver and press *to disconnect from the current room, then enter the following DTMF sequence, omitting the example ID for an ID found from the following link:

DTMF Example

#27793     (CQ-UK)

To disconnect from the current room, use DTMF command:


The map below is only a rough estimate of the gateways coverage.